Test Results

Effects on Concrete Subjected to Sulfuric Acid

The samples treated with DRYCRETE Moisture Stop showed approximately 63% less mass loss than the control samples.

Water Absorption Test DIN 1048

17% increase in overall compressive strength of 2500 psi concrete

Field Moisture Mitigation Test

4” Lightweight concrete over 2nd level structural metal deck

Recent Test Results
Designation Property Control Sample* Drycrete Sample Results
Chaplin Abrader Abrasion Loss 2.47 mm 0.10 in 1.46 mm 0.06 in 41% Reduction
AS 1012.9 ASTM C39 Compressive Strength 28.9 MPa 4,191 psi 31.0 MPa 4,496 psi 7% Increase
AS 1012.8 ASTM C78 Flexural
2.52 MPa 365 psi 2.89 MPa 419 psi 15% Increase
ASTM C666 Mass Loss @ 300 Freeze / Thaw Cycles 4.80% 0.70% 85% Reduction
ASTM C1202 Rapid Chloride Penetration 597 / 543 / 10,097 Coulombs 148 / 136 / 6,582 Coulombs 35% to 75% Reduction
HKHA B2.9 Sorptivity 0.164 mm/(min)1/2 0.010 mm/(min)1/2 94% Reduction
ACCI Water
Permeability Test
Water Permeability 1.5 x 10-13m/s 2.5 x 10-14m/s 83% Reduction
DIN 1048 Water Permeability 98.4 mm @ 0.33 hrs
3.9 in @ 0.33 hrs
5.5 mm @ 72 hrs
0.22 in @ 72 hrs
94% Reduction
  Surface Dusting 2.57 g/0.25 m2 1.78 g/0.25 m2 31% Reduction
USACOE C48 Water Permeability NA 0 Leakage @ 30.5 m
Head Pressure   
0 Leakage @ 100 ft
Head Pressure

* Control samples were moisture cured. 

Meets or exceeds the following testing criteria and guidelines

ASTM C-67 Section 7: Water Absorption
Water absorption of treated concrete was decreased by at least 90%.

ASTM C-67-Section 9: Suction
The rate of absorption of concrete (suction) was decreased by as much as 98%.

ASTM C-67-Section 10: Efflorescence
Efflorescence and leaching are eliminated.
ASTM C-67-Section 65: ORF Method, Dusting Resistance
Treated concrete is four times more abrasion (dusting) resistant.
ASTM C-672-760: Scaling resistance to Deicers
Treated concrete imparts excellent resistance to salt attack.
ASTM C-666: Freeze Thaw Resistance
Significanty Improves resistance to freeze-thaw damage.
ASTM C-856: Petrographic Analysis
Specimens have at least 50% greater density, which results in reduced permeability.
ASTM C-1585: Rate of Absorption of Water by Hydraulic Cement Concrete
Demonstrates a measurable reduction in water absorption after treatment of the concrete block.
ASTM D-2047: Slip Resistance
Wet and Dry testing showed that treated concrete had a much improved slip resistance.
ASTM E-96: Moisture Vapor Transmission
An effective barrier against water vapor emission, without loss of breathability reducing vapor emission by > than 75%.
ASSHTO T259-80: Chloride Ion Penetration
Reduces chloride intrusion in hardened concrete.
Reduces the depth of water penetration by 94%
CRD C-48-73: Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance
Sealed specimens at 45 psi, the equivalent of 115 ft of standing water while field testing has shown efficacy at near 300 ft.
CRD-52-54: Abrasion Resistance
Significantly increased abrasion resistance.

USDA Approved For Use in Food Processing Areas & EPA Compliant

Permanent Moisture Vapor Emission Control

Architects & Specifiers:

  • Permits accelerated construction schedules for flooring installations.
  • One time permanent treatment with blanket warranty program.
  • Zero VOC Environmentallyfriendly product.
  • Green sustainability and LEED qualifications.

General Contractors:

  • Avoid costly change orders & delays.
  • Life of the Concrete Warranty with DRYCRETE Moisture Stop PLUS.
  • Per ASTM standard, there is no required RH moisture test after application.
  • Helps to control job costs and change orders due to moisture concerns.
  • No changes in standard application guidelines for coatings of flooring materials.
  • 100% safety net to the GC and client with 60-70% cost reduction over similar warrantied systems.
  • Certified installer program.


Whitening of concrete sealers – also known as ”Blushing”


When the water in concrete is able to freeze, it then expands & causes damage to concrete surfaces.


Leaves no surface residual to impede or hinder bonding of any coatings or adhesives.


A white crystalline powder-like substance which forms on surface of concrete, stucco, brick or masonry.


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