Cure Method


DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield cure method takes curing to new parameters by including ingredients that effectively enhance and accelerate strong initial hydration processes to a significant degree, resulting in production of additional hydration product, which in turn decreases concrete's total void percentages.

DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield is a one step cure method that contains no harmful ingredients or volatile organic content. Concrete cured using DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield becomes extremely impermeable through formation of smaller segmented porosity, due to a much improved hydration volume during curing.

DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield offers a unique cure method which successfully utilizes the subsurface vapor-permeable membrane concept, coupled with a cross linked aqueous siliconate water repellent, which seals the concrete both internally and topically. It is applied using a non-atomizing low-pressure spray apparatus such as a pump-tank sprayer, motorized slurry pump, or alternatively by flooding the surface as concrete reaches its initial set, or as soon as is practical thereafter. For instance, where the concrete surface needs to be walked on for application, surface should be allowed time to sufficiently harden so as not to mar or imprint it during application.

DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield readily penetrates beneath the surface, leaving no visible residue (except pigment, where applicable), on the concrete surface. Within seconds after application, a vapor-permeable, specially-formulated colloidal silicate precipitate membrane is formed, immediately preventing moisture / water from exiting the plastic or semi-plastic concrete, while the surface membrane further encapsulates the moisture, retarding evaporation and thereby increasing hydration and concrete’s density.

Following subsurface and surface membrane formation, water can only exit the concrete as a vapor gas. This aspect assures adequate moisture or water is available during the strong initial hydration processes, effectively sustaining a high humidity environment for easier hydration product development. The length of time needed to complete the strong initial hydration processes depends on the concrete mix's cement composition, fineness, and proportions. Low water to cement ratio concrete requiring at least an 80% humidity environment to prevent premature self-desiccation, will greatly benefit from DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield.

DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield not only provides concrete a superior cure, but also reinforces its C-S-H component, concrete's main strength component. Strengths are further increased by formation of more segmented porosity and lowered capillary void percentages. Subsequently, concrete becomes permanently internally sealed, effectively preventing pollutants from entering its matrix, preserving its integrity while allowing the concrete to breathe.

Concrete that is cured using DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield is more durable and impermeable, demonstrates excellent freeze-thaw damage resistance , dust resistance, abrasion resistance, and acid and chemical resistance. It is easier to keep clean, and demonstrates superb resistance to scaling from deicer compounds.

Tests have shown the DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield cure method to perform as well as or better than water curing in regards to durability, impermeability, freeze-thaw damage resistance, and overall strength, without affecting surface bonding quality for coatings or adhesives application.

NOTE: White ¬pigmented curing agents are often specified to reflect more ultraviolet rays, keeping temperature of newly-placed concrete lower through heat wave reflection. This is relevant during early curing, before the concrete has reached sufficient strength to resist thermal stresses, produced by extreme temperatures. For this reason, DRYCRETE™ Cure Shield is available in white-pigmented form


Drycrete Cure Shield

A water base colloidal silicate concrete curing agent that is an excellent alternative to standard water curing.

DRYCRETE - Cure Shield

Easy to Apply


• Warehouse Floors
• Supermarkets
• Schools / Municipalities
• Parking Structures
• Bridge Decks
• Vertical Structures
• Pre-cast Concrete
• Medical Facilities
• Basement Floors / Walls
• Stamped Concrete
• Flatwork
• Integral Colored Concrete



Whitening of concrete sealers – also known as ”Blushing”


When the water in concrete is able to freeze, it then expands & causes damage to concrete surfaces.


Leaves no surface residual to impede or hinder bonding of any coatings or adhesives.


A white crystalline powder-like substance which forms on surface of concrete, stucco, brick or masonry.


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