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Drycrete™ Moisture Stop PLUS+ - On Existing Concrete

Life of the Concrete Limited Warranty 

Concrete Earth, LLC (CE) is the manufacturer of DRYCRETE™ Moisture Stop PLUS+ (Product)

CE warrants the Product against material defects for the useful Life of the Concrete from the date of installation. In addition, CE will warrant applied floor covering materials and/or coatings against delaminating due to moisture vapor emissions if CE’s application instructions and any other technical information stipulated in CE’s literature are strictly followed.

This limited warranty warrants against proven failure due to water vapor transmissions from within the parent concrete substrate and not from topical surface intrusion, transfer or migration from an outside source such as flooding or seepage through to floor from wall joints below grade.

The CE Limited Warranty is limited to a secondary moisture mitigation treatment, and replacement costs of removal and reinstatement of the existing floor covering and or coating system, including all preparation materials, and all direct job related labor charges.

All Warranty claims must be proven by an independent laboratory from within the flooring and or moisture mitigation industry. All proven claim sites are subject to site access by an authorized CE representative to perform mandatory inspections and on site testing.

The CE Limited Warranty is further subject to the following conditions:
  1. The Product must be applied in accordance with CE Specifications & Guidelines regarding approved substrates and meet acceptable industry standards as defined in ACI Committee 201 Report, Guide to Durable Concrete. If the areas to which the products are applied now or in the future fail to meet these standards, the aforementioned warranty shall be void.
  2. All resilient floor coverings must be installed on a properly prepared substrate as identified under ASTM F710-11 and further subject to the chosen floor covering’s manufacturer standards of application.
  3. Coatings must be applied to a substrate profiled according to the chosen coating’s manufacturer standards of application.
  4. The mandatory Warranty Request Form must be filed with CE Corporate Office within 14 days from the date of application.
  5. The warranty is further subject to the conditions of the concrete substrate, which must be structurally sound, and free of structural cracks, voids or substrate repairs post placement.
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  7. The warranty is conditional to the approved completed Warranty Request Form on file.
  8. Floor coverings or coatings may be applied on 28 days cured concrete, under normal conditions after 3 days of the application of the Product. However, if the on-site CE representative, reports extreme moisture/wetness, or other adverse site conditions, at the time of application, a stated waiting period will be indicated on the request form as to when any topical flooring adhesive, coating, or underlayment/overlayment may be applied. Any deviation from that stated date will null this warranty.
Subject to all the conditions described herein, provided that the Product has been installed, made available and is used for its intended use, CE will be responsible for reinstatement of the flooring materials as listed above, which naturally result from the breach of this warranty caused by a defect in the material.

The account related to this warranty must be paid in full prior to any warranty being effective. Any claim under this warranty must be first presented in writing to CE

The beneficiary of the warranty must provide Concrete Earth, LLC, at 601 N. 5th Avenue – Building B, Kankakee, IL 60901 - Attn: Warranty Claim, a written notice within thirty (30) days after the discovery of a breach of this warranty in order to assert its right to any repairs covered by this warranty.

All Warranty claims are subject to examination by CE prior to processing.
Optimal standards for Product Application can be obtained from Concrete Earth, LLC or its Certified Distributors.
To get additional information or assistance, please call (800) 441-6646.

Substrate Testing using calcium chloride method or internal Relative Humidity probes after the application of DRYCRETE Moisture Stop.

Testing design for traditional concrete substrates does not apply to a concrete substrate treated with INPERVIUS system (Product), penetrating sealer or epoxy coating remediation systems. Per ASTM F 1869, Calcium Chloride or RH Probe testing are not recognized as viable tests over the top of concrete that has been treated with a moisture remediation system. However, if such testing is desired, Concrete Earth warrants up to 100% relative humidity (per ASTM F2170) and/ or 25 pounds of moisture (per ASTM F1869).

Problem concrete substrates have excessive free humidity within the primary and secondary capillaries, which is the main culprit for flooring & coatings failures.  When a concrete substrate is successfully treated with the Product, the primary and secondary capillaries are transformed from free humidity carriers to a closed source for humidity transfer. This chemical reaction locks in the humidity to contribute to a much healthier concrete substrate which ensures the complete hydration of the cement particles resulting in better concrete. Testing this transformed concrete substrate will not yield accurate results since the internal relative humidity testing may measure the humidity within the primary and secondary capillaries which have now been permanently chemically altered into a colloidal gel. It is also important to note that since the primary and secondary capillaries are now a permanent colloidal gel, the concrete surface remains porous at a depth of approximately 1/16”.

The surface porosity remains because the primary and secondary capillaries are broken at the concrete surface. Since humidity is still present within the transformed primary and secondary capillaries, surface tests designed to measure vapor emissions rates will result in skewed readings.

RH testing is also not accurate when testing the Product.The Product locks up the moisture and transforms it into a colloidal gel that is permanent for the life of the concrete. The colloidal gel retains moisture within the concrete matrix and prevents further moisture migration. This is no different from not being able to test epoxy coating for RH because you would breach the membrane, rendering it ineffective, and obtain high levels of humidity.

Furthermore, since DRYCRETE Moisture Stop also qualifies as a Curing agent, in fact mimicking a true wet cure, it is designed to retain moisture longer, thereby increasing hydration and density of the concrete matrix to a maximum. The increased hydration and resulting density and impermeability have been thoroughly proven under various lab tests.

In conclusion, tests designed for untreated concrete do not apply to a concrete substrate treated with DRYCRETE Moisture Stop PLUS. The Product is warranted to reduce emissions to levels recommended by the flooring and coatings industry.


Whitening of concrete sealers – also known as ”Blushing”


When the water in concrete is able to freeze, it then expands & causes damage to concrete surfaces.


Leaves no surface residual to impede or hinder bonding of any coatings or adhesives.


A white crystalline powder-like substance which forms on surface of concrete, stucco, brick or masonry.


DRYCRETE is a product of Concrete Earth
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